18 Affordable Woodworking Projects That Sell

If you’re good at something, never do it for free, right? Especially if you’re skilled at something as unique and creative as woodworking.

However, it can be a little hard to think of how to make money using your woodworking skills and not just saving money by fixing your wooden items and adding details yourself.

But you don’t need to worry, in this article, we’ll give you some of the best ideas that you can make money through.

woodworking projects that sell

1. Vintage-style Cupboard

Vintage-style Cupboard

A mid-century, vintage-style piece of furniture refers to it resembling the ones that existed in the mid-20th century.

These designs are quite timeless and always add a classy vibe to the setting.

With the polished wood finish, beveled edges, clean lines, organic curves and tiny details that set it apart from regular cupboards, a vintage one would require some unique routing.

That’s why you’ll probably need a versatile set of bits such as the Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits that’ll facilitate the process of adding all the intricate details.

And this is a very strong reason why getting it from a generic furniture store won’t have the same effect as getting a handcrafted one.

This guide from Fine WoodWorking gives you an amazing insight into how to perfect the details.

2. Pallet Bottle Rack

pallet bottle rack

Pallets have many uses and one of the most popular ones is shipping goods securely from one place to another. However, pallets can be used for more than just delivering goods in a sturdy package. 

You can make awesome woodworking projects using pallets, and luckily, I covered how you can find free pallets so you can create what you want.

You can take one of those shipping pallets and turn it into a personalized bottle rack. This makes the racks unique and is a good idea to not waste good quality wood.

Apart from being practical and accommodating multiple bottles and glasses, a pallet bottle rack would also give your interior or exterior a bigger appeal and look great mounted on a wall.

And the best part is that they’re easy and quick to make but are worth a good amount of money.

Check out this video for all the steps that you need to create that awesome rack

3. Patio Furniture

diy Adirondack Chair

This one is a pretty tricky one as good patio or outdoor furniture is generally hard to find –especially if you’re looking for a combination of high-quality, durability, and affordability.

That’s why a handcrafted Adirondack and loveseat is a perfect project in this field.

It’s quite easy to make as its assembly and building are relatively fast.

With a curved recess and wider arms, anyone would feel comfortable sitting in this chair for extended periods of time.

It’s also easy to get in and out of, so it will appeal to different target audiences.

The only part that requires extra work is ensuring the wood you get is not prone to insect infestation or rotting. Cedar or knotted pine would work great for making the ultimate Adirondack chairs.

4. Queen Anne Dressing Table

Queen Anne dressing table

A Queen Anne dressing table combines cabriole legs, cast brass hardware, incredibly carved shell, and drawer dovetailing.

And not only that, but it also combines between being a vintage, antique piece and the ability to fit in modern decor and architecture.

A woodworking enthusiast will enjoy taking on this project that tests the worker’s skills and allows them to bring out their creativity.

Being both stylish and multifunctional helps maintain their popularity up until this day, so they’re pieces of furniture that would definitely sell.

5. Pipe Leg Table

Minimalistic or simplistic settings would almost always benefit from the industrial design represented in the pipe leg table.

Making personalized pipe leg tables and offering them for sale will definitely get you customers who aren’t willing to pay the hefty price on the ones offered by specialist stores.

A great advantage to it is that it doesn’t require any specialized power tools or equipment.

Its building and assembly are quite straightforward once you have the needed material.

6. Rok-Bak Chairs

DIY rockback chair

The basic single-sheet plywood is a double-ended sword. And a clever woodworker will take advantage of that rather than dismissing the potential of plywood.

There are a lot of comfortable and useful pieces of furniture that you can produce from plywood.

And the prime example of this is the Rok-Bak Chair.

Combining an ergonomic design and an aesthetically pleasing look, it’s one of the best pieces of furniture you can create.

It’s typically equipped with wide armrests, a sloping back, a comfortable headset, and a footstool to give the customer the ultimate relaxation.

Unlike a lot of the projects on the list, however, making a Rok-Bak chair isn’t exactly a walk in the park. However, with enough experimentation and a good tutorial, you’ll be able to get it.

7. Small Plywood Table


The popularity of small tables can be attributed to the fact that they’re simple, multifunctional, lightweight, and generally look great.

These tables are suitable for living rooms, private studies, and even formal lounging areas.

Moreover, they’re also quite easy to make as they don’t require any fasteners and can be made using only half a sheet of single sheet plywood.

This quick tutorial explains exactly how you can make your own creative plywood table.

8. Shoe Storage Space


You can make use of your woodworking skills to build a shoe closet using only a 4 x 4-foot sheet of 3/4-inch plywood, glue, and some 8d finish nails.

Cutting the plywood pieces to the number of shelves you need, gluing the joints together, and nailing them with 8d finish nails is all there is to it.

You can even take it up a notch and add hooks to the back in order for the item to be wall-mountable.

Although it may not be the easiest DIY woodworking project to create, it’s a very practical one that will definitely sell. If you are on a tight budget, I suggest you follow this tutorial, but if you need more ideas, then definitely you should check this one.

9. Containers for Storing

wood storage container

Magazines, CDs, BluRay Discs, Old Vinyl records, and much more. All these items are always a burden to store and keep in place.

And that’s why compact storage bins or units are a great project that’s guaranteed to sell.

From one 2 x 4 feet sheet of ¼-inch plywood, you can build four bins, so it’s pretty economical and cost-efficient.

Check this comprehensive guide for all the steps and the tools that you need.

10. Knife Storage Block

diy knife block

These are already a popular item which is sold in any home center.

Making them from old wood that would otherwise be thrown away and selling them for profit means money from practically nothing. Scraps of ¼ of an inch and ½ of inch plywood would do.

They’re also very quick and easy to make as they only require an hour to build.

However, they can be a little tricky at first as you’ll need to match many pieces together and be careful with the glue when you’re sticking your project together.

With a little practice and after knowing the exact steps, the whole process will be like a walk in the park.

11. Sliding Bookend

diy sliding bookend

Another great way to organize and store your various CD collections, BluRay discs, or books is through using sliding bookends.

You can simply cut ¾ of an inch thick hardwood pieces into 6 x 6-inch squares and then use a reliable woodworking tool like the Bosch 1617EVS wood router to cut a slot along one edge.

Make sure to stop the notch around ¾ of an inch away from the other edge.

You can even make your project more integrated by creating matching shelves that the customers can buy the whole set together.

For full steps, click here.

12. Portable Tool Box or Tool Chest

diy tool box

As a woodworker yourself, you’ll definitely understand the struggle of containing and organizing all your tools in a safe place.

Make yourself a reliable tool box or chest and then start a side business making them for others.

The best part about the personalization in this project is that every woodworker will have a certain way in which they like to keep their tools organized, and you can provide them with just that.

You can even add a stylish leather handle or a durable metal one for both the functionality and aesthetic appeal.

13. Collector’s Case

Collector’s Case

A collector’s case is a woodworker’s test for accuracy and precision as it requires the addition of many details.

How precise your work must be to bring out the details of this piece requires a stable working area and setting, that’s why it would be a useful thing to use the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 to keep your pieces secured tightly in place as you work.

Cutting, scraping, dovetailing, and sanding the joints and pieces are all required when making these pieces of furniture.

Not only do they offer a secure and safe storage place for any collectives, but they also look great as a home accessory.

Furthermore, you can exchange the wooden top for a glass door to turn it into an attractive display case.

14. Sideboards

Sideboards are an essential part of any formal drawing room.

They can be used for storing silverware, dining linens, and pieces of cutlery.

Add to that, they can be used to display food items or can work as a bar to hold decanter of spirits.

They aren’t as common to use and even less so to find. However, their slightly more compact versions are still sought out by many.

Generally, they’re simple to build and assemble for the functionality they have to offer.

15. Under Bed Storage Drawer

underbed storage bins

The bigger the bed is, the bigger the empty space beneath it that goes to waste.

It’s a very space-efficient and clever idea to use that space to store things that aren’t used as often around the house but necessary enough to not be thrown away.

And while a lot of people do that already, they may face the problem of the gathering dust and the insects that invade their stored items.

This is exactly why an under bed storage space is the ideal project for anyone looking for a fruitful side business.

They’re super easy to make as they represent a crate-like structure with wheels to make their mobility easier.

You can also add a sliding cover on top to make them more practical and accessible.

16. Farmhouse Style Tray

This easy-to-make piece of household accessory perfectly combines between being aesthetic and functional.

You can easily use it to move bulky things around or to hold centerpieces on tables for decorative purposes.

They make great presents and beautiful housewarming gifts, and consequently, they will sell quite well.

On top of that, they’re quite very easy to make from scratch, and consequently the best wood router project for beginners. With a simple set of steps, you can achieve amazing results.

17. Wood Clocks

These timekeeping pieces are quite timeless items. There’s no doubt that they appeal to almost everyone.

They have superb decorative value and are also very easy to make.

Moreover, they can be made from various materials and can be personalized to a high degree –which makes them very suitable as gifts as well.

If the idea caught your interest, you can easily learn how to make one in this informative video.

18. Utensil Organizer

This useful little piece is simple woodworking at its best. It helps you organize your utensils effectively and with an aesthetically pleasing view.

You can create it from a wooden packing pallet or an old wooden box that you no longer have use for.

It’s very simple and easy to make. You can even add iron hanging hooks or mount it on a wall to add more functionality to it.

Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, finding a woodworking project to make money through isn’t that hard.

Wood is a very recyclable material, which allows you to use old wooden items to make new ones with a higher degree of functionality.

It’s all about finding a practical item that will solve everyday problems that people may face.