Triton TRA001 3.25 HP Router In-Depth Review

In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need regarding the features and specs of the Triton TRA001 router.

A plunge base router is a great option for woodworkers looking for flexibility in their work. It allows you to plunge down on the top of the router to achieve the exact depth you desire in the cuts.

Generally, you can find plunge base routers at various price levels. And while the Triton TRA001 isn’t the cheapest, it does give you great value for your money.

Triton TRA001 review

Triton TRA001 Review

Both Plunge and Fixed Bases are Available

Rather than having to choose between a fixed or a plunge base, the Triton TRA001 gives you the freedom to work with either.

This kind of versatility enables you to take on all kinds of projects without having to buy too many tools.

If you want to perfect details and patterns, you’ll find the plunge base very useful.

On the other hand, the fixed base gives you flatter surfaces and allows you to make smoother finishes and edges.

Moreover, switching between the two bases is very easy –just a push of a button. You can also work with it in a rack and pinion setting.

Micro Winder

The micro winder acts as a guide for depth adjustment with its bright numbers that are easy to read.

You can select between depth of 2, 3, or 5 inches that you can change between through the turn of a knob.

micro winder in triton tra001

Soft Start Motor

This important feature gives you more control over your tool and helps prevent accidents by increasing the speed at a slower rate.

Powerful Motor with Variable Speeds

The 15-AMP motor increases its speed up to a range of 8,000 and 22,000 RPM.

The variability of its speed allows you to create beveled edges on trim pieces and make deep plunges into thick wood boards.

That’s why you can use your Triton TRA001 for different types of wood and thicknesses.

VIDEO: Take a closer look at the Triton TRA001


The side vents system guide the debris to roll off the tool so that less dust enters the inside of the tool.

This extends the longevity of the router and ensures that it will endure the toughest jobs.

On top of that, the motor is protected from flying debris thanks to the enclosed sheets of plastic that surrounds the tool.

Height Adjustments

Height adjustments are very easy to make on the Triton TRA001 thanks to the presence of the micro winder and 3 preset heights.

You can select one of the marked heights to make quick cuts on your wood when you’re working on standard projects.

Furthermore, you’re not restricted to these 3 depths as you can adjust smaller or larger ones.

You also don’t have to worry about the micro winder sticking as it twists easily and smoothly.

Triton TRA001 Parts

The Triton TRA001 comes with a table height winder, a ¼ inch and a ½ inch collet, a multi-function fence, and a collet wrench to make quick adjustments to the collet.

Moreover, its very own fence system is included with the router –which is a huge plus. It helps keep your cuts even, smooth, and precise.

It also spares you the need to use a full table as the fence system can compensate.


The Triton TRA001 comes with two durable handles with a rubberized material added to the top to prevent your hands from slipping due to sweat and gives you a better grip.

Moreover, you can squeeze both handles simultaneously to give them a slight turn and adjust the height of the tool.

You can also use the dial on the tool to adjust the height as well.

The brushes are also conveniently placed for easy replacements with the included wrench to change the router bits.

On top of that, the Triton TRA001 comes with a tension spring that has a removable design to control the tension when you use the router on a table.


When it’s set up, the Triton TRA001 measures 10.2 x 12.9 x 11.4 inches and weighs 8.97 pounds.



Final Words

The Triton TRA001 is a great plunge router for making moldings and pieces with intricate designs.

With many great features like the micro winder for depth adjustments and the 15-AMP motor that delivers high variable speeds for precision cuts and accurate depths.

Moderately priced for its features, the Triton TRA001 would suit both amateurs and professionals.

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