TACKLIFE Compact Mini Circular Saw Review

The mini circular saw is an increasingly popular DIY tool thanks to its many advantages: ergonomic, portable and efficient. And the price is often more reasonable than for heavier and bulky devices. In this guide to we’ll review one of the best mini circular saws on the market, the TACKLIFE TCS115A Circular Saw.

If you are looking for a decent mini circular saw, take a look at the TACKLIFE Circular Saw which is one of the cheapest mini circular saws and the most interesting one on the market, it combines both quality and price in the same time. Despite its small price, it develops a high power (710W) and delivers more than satisfactory performance.

The goal of this guide is to give you all the details and information you need to make a final decision and do the best investment, so instead of reading unreliable pieces of information here and there, we’ll put you on a solid ground about this saw, we’ll cover all of its pros and cons, specifications and main features.

Little something about the TACKLIFE Circular Saw

The TACKLIFE TCS115A circular saw is very efficient: Despite its low price, it has a 710 W motor and delivers more than satisfactory performance. With a cutting speed of 3500 RPM, it cuts with speed and precision, especially as it has a very practical laser guide and thus gives you ultra-precise cuts! It comes with three sets of different blades: 2 of 60 teeth, 2 of 24 and 2 of diamond, which allows to cut any type of material: wood, tiles, plastic.

It also has a great feature which is the laser guide so you can create the most precise cuts and enhance your visibility.

TACKLIFE also offers an enhanced safety thanks to a system that prevents the saw from starting if the two safety buttons are not pressed at the same time.



The TACKLIFE TCS115A has a 2-year warranty.



It is not the lightest weight on the market, but it is not a real disadvantage.



The saw is highly affordable and very popular among both DIYers and Professionals.



The TACKLIFE TCS115A offers a good bevel capacity of 45 degrees and a laser guide system for precis cutting.



It offers a high level of safety with its aluminum alloy blade guard and compact design.



It comes with so many accessories that really make the job easy and quick.


  • Type: Corded Compact circular saw
  • Power: 5.8 AMP/ 720 Watts
  • Weight: 8.27 pounds
  • Speed: 3500 RPM
  • Bevel Capacity: 45° bevel angle
  • Blade Diameter: Suitable for 4-3/4″ & 4-1/2” blades
  • Max Cutting Depth: 1-11/16 inches at 90°
tacklife mini circular saw review


Motor and Body


The TACKLIFE TCS115A comes with a 5.8 AMP motor that delivers a power of 710 watts and a speed of 3500 RPM, it is the most suitable RPM capacity for cutting through soft metals and ceramics. The amperage and the power it provides are a huge selling point because of its price, other saws offer the same motor features with higher price.

 The motor is in a postposition, allowing you to handle the saw firmly. It also comes with an attachable rubberized metal handle.

Cutting Capacity


The cutting angle and the depth can be adjusted. It is possible for you to create beveled cuts from 90 ° to 45 °. For a 90 ° cut, the maximum cutting depth is 1-11/16 inches (47.5 mm). What makes the saw special is the ability to use it with one hand. 

It also has a parallel guide so you can make straight cuts easily and without having to buy an external one.

Dust removal


The TACKLIFE TCS115A has an adjustable vacuum adaptor which you can attach your vacuum cleaner into it and clean your work area and see the cut and the laser line clearly, it’s a good point for this saw as many other saws don’t have this feature.



You will love the blades that come with this saw, they give you all the power you need to nearly cut anything, aluminum sheets, plywood, all the 2x wood.

The drawback about the blades is the blade guard, you have to hold the blade guard back in order to see the cut, it is not a common issue but we hope TACKLIFE makes a better improvement in the future.



At this point, TACKLIFE overdesigned the safety features. Speaking of the blade guard, it is well designed, it is made of aluminum alloy to make it strong and durable against any kickback. The overdesigned feature is the double safety switches, you have to press two buttons to run the saw. It would be a little bit challenging for beginners to adapt on that, but it is not a big deal, the two buttons are meant for safety and by time, they won’t be a problem at all.



The saw weighs 8.27 pounds, it is a light weight compared with many other saws but not the lightest. The light weight of this saw makes it easy to do maneuvers and create repeated cuts quickly and efficiently. It offers the best weight-to-performance ratio on the market.



What can you use the TACKLIFE TCS115A mini circular saw for?

The TACKLIFE TCS115A circular saw delivers the great value we all seek. It is a multi-purpose tool, you can use it to cut soft metals like aluminum, copper or woodworks like attic flooring, 3/4 inch plywood and all the 2x’s.

It gives you a 1-11/16 inch cut at 90 degrees and that depth is efficient when you need to cut through ceramic tiles. You just need to use the blade for each material.

What’s in the box?

  • The tool comes with many accessories. It comes with 6 blades for different purposes, 2 x 24 teeth tungsten carbide-tipped blades for cutting wood and plastic like plexiglass, 2 x 60 teeth high speed steel blades for cutting soft metal sheets like aluminum and 2 grit diamond blades specially designed for cutting ceramic tiles.
  • It also comes with an auxiliary handle that is covered with rubber to provide ease of use.
  • A Hex Key for changing the blade.
tacklife blades


The only alternative that you can see is the WORX WORXSAW, and it beats The TACKLIFE TCS115A in the weight battle as it weighs only 6 pounds

worx worxsaw


How Can I change the blade for TACKLIFE TCS115A?

You can change the blade using the Hex key that comes with it.

Press the lock button of the blade on the right side of the handle and use the hex key to remove the blade nut.

Bottom Line

Its design is unique, compact as desired. With its features, it presents a high-end product. So, if you are looking for an affordable product that offers excellent performance for moderate jobs and you do not want to tire yourself with a bulky and heavy device, this device is for you. You will be able to cut different materials without problem.

If you’re dealing a lot with plywood, aluminum sheets or ceramic tiles, then this saw is for you. 

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