In-Depth Review for Porter Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Router

Woodworking requires a lot of skills, precision, and knowledge regarding how to operate many equipment and tools.

A router is one of the most vital tools when it comes to woodworking. And if you’re looking for a premium-quality fixed-base router, the Porter Cable 690LR is the ideal choice for you.

Let’s dive into the details of the features the Porter Cable 690LR is equipped with.


Porter Cable 690LR Review

Motor Capabilities

A major reason the Porter Cable 690LR is such a powerful tool is its 11-AMP, 1-3/4 peak horsepower motor that enables it to revolve at 27,500 RPM.

And although this high speed enables it to make precise cuts, being a single-speed motor means that you don’t get to speed it up or slow it down.

If you want to work with different materials and shapes, this could be an issue. However, if you’re going to be working on the same material, the single-speed motor will mean perfect consistency.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a cam-lock level that allows the user to make simple coarse height adjustments in order to maintain steady and consistent performance.

On top of that, the quick fixed-base motor release enables the user to move the motor pack between the plunge and d-handle bases.

You can opt for either the D-handle or plunge base –depending on the project at hand. This is why the Porter Cable 690LR is great for tasks that require mounting on a routing table.

Ergonomic Design with Quick Bit Removals

The Porter Cable 690LR gives the user an absolutely user-friendly experience.

Its minimalistic design helps add to its ease of use and ergonomic design.

For the most stable performance, the router comes with an auto-release collet system that facilitates the process of changing router bits.

Furthermore, the under-table stop is installed to prevent any unintended movement of the router out of its base.

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You get the most comfort for your hands and wrists during extended periods of work as the grips are molded to prevent any strain.

These handle grips also ensure that the router never slips from your hands as you operate it.

Size and Portability

When it’s up and running, the Porter Cable 690LR occupies a space of 12 x 5.5 x 8.62 inches and weighs around 8 pounds.

Although the Porter Cable 690LR is compatible with most router tables out there, it might need a base in order for it to be mounted appropriately.

The hole size in the base plate is 1-3/16 inches to keep the mounting precise, quick, and simple.


The Porter Cable 690LR’s 3-1/2 inch motor housing and the base are made of machined aluminum to extend its longevity, strength, and durability.

On top of that, the ball-bearing construction is sealed and the switch is dust-sealed to further guarantee protection against wear and tear.

Cutting Precision and Versatility

Equipped with a micrometer depth adjustment system, the Porter Cable 690LR can cut as accurately as you might need.

Its accuracy can reach up to 1/128 of an inch to fit your exact standards.

Moreover, the router is compatible with both ½ and ¼ inch collets, so you can work with a variety of bits.

PORTER-CABLE 690LR reviews


The Porter Cable 690LR comes with a three-year limited warranty, a year of free service, and 90-days money back guarantee.

Porter Cable 690LR Accessories and Parts

The router comes with a standard set of parts included. The ¼-inch and ½-inch collets, a wrench, motor, user manual, and fixed base.

PORTER-CABLE accessories


Generally, the safety measures on the Porter Cable 690LR were the standard measures.

However, the on/off switch is located on the body of the machine rather than on one of the hand grips which may raise some concern when it comes to how safe the tool is. But it’s nothing that’s too alarming.



Final Thoughts

All-in-all, the Porter Cable 690LR manages to combine between quality, compactness, and affordability.

It’s also quite durable, sturdy, and portable as it doesn’t weigh too much. If you’re looking to do small to medium-sized projects, you can pick this model with confidence.

However, if you intend to use your router with big projects and heavy-duty jobs, you might want to skip this model and get a more powerful one.

And unless you’re looking for variation in your work (as this router has a single-speed motor), the Porter Cable 690LR will suit you well and satisfy you with its performance.

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