15 Amazing Pallet Garden Furniture Ideas

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pallet garden furniture ideas

Are you looking for some original yet creative pallet ideas for your outdoor garden?

Pallets are getting more popular and I, personally, use them in my house, I love minimalism and pallets are my number one choice when I look for some trendy ideas for decoration and furnishing.

In this article I will list and highlight some of the most beautiful pallet ideas for garden furniture that I found on the net, and which will inspire you for some projects for your little garden. You will realize that Internet users do not lack imagination at all!

For the garden or even a terrace, the pallets are the master tools for outdoor furniture! You can choose to manufacture a complete garden furniture or only some of the elements such as a bench, a corner sofa, an ordinary table or a coffee table.

The advantages of the palette for a garden room

Before discovering the ideas in the upcoming photos, let’s quickly return to the advantages of using pallets for garden furniture.

Pallets are cheap

As explained in our guide on how to find pallets, these awesome pieces of wood are particularly suitable if you are looking for a cheap DIY projects . You can indeed find pallets for free.

Easy to use

You do not have to be a DIY pro to start making your own pallet garden furniture! For beginners, you could, for example, simply stack few pallets on each other to make a table and do the same thing to create banquettes. Then just add some cushions to make the seat more comfortable.

Pallets are Strong

Pallets are originally designed to carry heavy loads like cement sacks ans bricks, so don’t worry about its durability.

Easily Adjustable

It is extremely easy to “customize” your garden furniture with pallets. Do you want a particular seat height? Just stack the pallets! Do you want a longer bench? Add a couple of pallets!

Suitable for outdoor use

The wooden pallet is suitable for outdoor use. Indeed, they are often made of pre-processed wood. The big advantage of making your garden by yourself is to be able to create unique furniture perfectly adapted to your desires.


15 ideas of pallet garden furniture

Cozy and Colorful

Style up your garden with this amazing colorful pallet furniture. Everything is here to create a welcoming and cozy outdoor space, thanks to the numerous cushions. The pallets retain their “raw” appearance and the cushions bring the colorful touch. We also discover a minimal bench with an opening to provide a practical and clever storage space.

Cozy and colorful PALLET

Pallet Garden Furniture With a Parasol

A pretty pallet garden furniture with a sofa and a coffee table on wheels that can accommodate a parasol. 

Essential to enjoy this space during the long summer days. The garden furniture is placed on a carpet and the cushions bring a very “summery” and comfortable style.

Check out this guide to learn how to make this piece of furniture

summer pallets

Clean White Pallets

A fine example of a pure white garden furniture consisting of a pallet coffee table and a corner sofa. This garden furniture is placed on a wooden deck. Many cushions are added for the comfort aspect.

Pallets Armchairs

You can also compose your garden furniture with armchairs made from pallet. More flexible than a sofa, this piece of furniture is perfect for spending beautiful moments outdoors, with a focus on comfort.

A Romantic Touch to Wooden Pallets

There is something romantic in this pallet garden furniture, it may be these pretty lights that allow you to enjoy the long summer evenings… Or the nice retro wrought iron table that blends perfectly with others

romantic pallet furniture

Pallets for High Backed Chair

This idea of pallet garden furniture is composed of armchairs and a sofa with high backs. Note also the simplicity of the table, made from 3 pallets stacked, nothing complicated to do it yourself!

high backed chair

The perfect Pallet Large Terrace

A huge terrace with a whole garden living room made from wooden pallets. We love the elegant look of wood that really makes you want to spend time on these low chairs!

terrace pallet

Elegant Aged Appearance

Do you like to give an aged look to your furniture? Here is a beautiful inspiration with this garden furniture consisting of a large corner sofa and a coffee table. The pallets are painted with shades of red to give an aged look. Again, you can notice the simplicity of making a similar garden living room using pallets that are simply stacked.

aged furniture

The Bohemian touch

A nice touch and bohemian inspiration for this garden room. Pallets are used for outdoor sofas but also to make a platform in the garden.

Black garden furniture

A photo that allows you to realize how a simple stroke of paint and some cushions can revamp a living room garden pallet!

Nothing complicated at all! Few pallets that are painted with a high quality paint. This can be made not only for your garden but also indoor.

Pallets On Wheels

The pallets are extremely flexible. For example, as in this garden furniture, you can add wheels to your furniture so that you can move them easily.

on wheels

A coffee table on wheels

If you do not want to make an “entire” garden furniture with pallets, start by making a simple coffee table and add some chairs of your choice! A simple way to enjoy a unique piece of furniture in your garden or on your terrace. 

You can notice that the pallets can quite mix with other materials, as here the metal of the chairs look more modern.

Check this guide about 33 Ideas on pallet coffee tables

A coffee table on wheels

Pallet low sofa

One of the main advantages of the pallets is the ease of choosing and adjusting the height of the furniture you make. This is a garden furniture with a low sofa that uses only one pallet height. No DIY experience needed! Simply, add some comfortable cushions and you’re done.

Pallet low sofa​

Rustic charm Pallets

A certain rustic charm is diffused on this terrace with this splendid outdoor living room of pallets. The pallets are also quite distributed and hidden by the large cushions that provide a comfortable appearance to spend pleasant moments on the terrace.

Rustic charm

Garden furniture in a colorful palette

a very colorful garden furniture that really makes you want to enjoy the terrace! Each piece of furniture is painted in a different color. Little decor tip to copy, bet on the grounds using pretty ethnic cushions!

Cushions for Pallet Garden Furniture

As you’ve noticed when exploring garden room ideas made from wooden pallets, the choice of cushions is an important aspect. They guarantee the comfortable appearance of the furniture while also bringing a nice decorative touch.

Before buying cushions for your garden living room in pallet, do not forget to measure the sizes. As a reminder, a Europe pallet has a dimension of 80cm x 120cm.

You can also make your own cushions using foam. Another “cheap” tip is to use baby mattresses of 80 x 120cm for the seat of your pallet furniture .

Types of cushions for a pallet garden furniture

  1. Cushions with the dimensions of a pallet (or made to measure), these cushions are made especially for pallets
  2. The cushions or sleeping pad . They sit directly on the bench or chairs to make the furniture in pallet much more comfortable.An economical and practical alternative to special cushions for pallets.
  3. The decorative cushions . They bring the decorative touch and a unique character to your garden. Feel free to mix styles, patterns and colors! 


What do you think of garden furniture in pallet? Leave a comment below and feel free to share this article with your friends!

Pallet Garden Furniture Ideas
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