How to Change a Circular Saw Blade – Step by Step Tutorial

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How to change circular saw blade

They don’t cost you much money, but in some cases, replacing the blade of your circular saw is necessary. Here is a small tutorial with all the steps you need to perform that task. 

When Should I Change my Circular Saw Blade?

  1. When your circular saw blade starts to wear, you need to replace or sharpen it to ensure optimum cutting power. 
  2. You will quickly realize that the cutting process takes longer time than usual. Also, you have to remember that you must use the proper blade for the material being cut as we clarified here
  3. If you noticed a broken or bent tooth, you should replace your blade with a new one to avoid kickback.

Steps to Change Circular Saw Blade


Before we start doing anything, read any information in your circular saw manual guide regarding blade replacement because the replacement technique depends on the manufacturer and can vary from one model to another.
Check this comprehensive guide about circular saw blades types

Step 1:  Unplug the power cord of the saw from the power socket. Or remove the battery if it is a cordless saw.

Step 2: Try to figure out where the saw blade lock is and press that saw lock button (refer to your user manual to locate the lock button) then turn the blade until the locking mechanism engages.

Step 3: Use the wrench provided with your saw to remove the nut from the shaft that holds the blade in place. To loosen the nut, turn the key in the same direction as the blade.

Step 4: Retract the top guard of the saw blade and remove the old one.

Step 5: Slide the new blade onto the saw shaft, making sure that the saw teeth are oriented in the correct direction of rotation. If you are unsure, refer to the arrow on the saw blade.

Step 6: Use the same wrench to tighten the shaft nut until it is tight. Be careful not to over tighten the nut as it will be difficult to loosen it the next time you replace the blade.

This Video is a live example of how to change a circular saw blade:



Before installing your new blade, take the opportunity to clean the lower and upper guards of the blade and remove all accumulated sawdust.

How to replace circular saw blade
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How to replace circular saw blade
Learn how to replace circular saw blade step by step tutorial